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Stepping out of my comfort zone

I have a confession. When I first decided to major in journalism one of my greatest fears was taking this class due to my lack of experience. One of my first blog posts this semester discussed my fears of taking on a multimedia journalism class. Until this year, I was strictly a news writer. I loved interviewing, gathering facts, and typing them out on my computer. However, throughout this semester, I have come to learn and appreciate the art of multimedia journalism.

Whenever I finished a project, I could not wait to brag about what I learned. Showing others my work was extremely encouraging and rewarding. My other classes this semester consisted of reading a book, attending lecture and taking tests. This class was my favorite because students got to practice what they learned. The University of Missouri School of Journalism prides itself on the Missouri Method–offering students hands on training in professional media. I am a firm believer in this method because of what I have gained in all my classes.

No matter where my journalism degree takes me, I will utilize what I have learned this semester. I no longer consider myself just a news writer. I am more confident in my ability to communicate news in a visual manner. If someone told me a semester ago I would be creating a website with audio, pictures, video and an interactive graphic as a final project I would not have believed it. Overall, I have enjoyed every aspect of this class because it has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Check out my final group project website here– Sustain Columbia


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  1. Mimi Perreault

    Michelle. It is clear you overcame your fears. Looking forward to seeing where your next step is. Take care. Mimi

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