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Spreading the movement

As I worked on building my own website, I spent hours perfecting and proof reading. Unlike projects for other classes, this has the opportunity to reach viewers in different states and even around the world because of the power of the Internet.

In my sociology class, we are learning about movements, both present and historical. There is a fine difference between movements in the past and today because of online access. News stations can post news to their website, Twitter and Facebook and instantly reach thousands, maybe even millions of people within minutes.

The Stop Kony movement is an example of how things spread online. The organization posted a video to Facebook and, despite its 30 minute length, it spread like wildfire to 204 countries and currently has reached 104,506,332 views. Records show that 3,590,051 have pledged their support–I assume most of this support stems from their website. In the past, volunteer groups met face to face. Today, because of the Internet, many can simply pledge their support by sending money online, clicking a “like” button on Facebook or posting a video as their status.

It was amazing to think that millions of people in 200 countries could watch the same video I did and join the same cause. After viewing this video, I wondered if this movement would have gained the same amount of support without the Internet and if this movement has been successful as a result.

Anyone who posts things on the Internet should consider its potential to catch fire and spread across nations. One person can make a magnificent difference with simply a computer.


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