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Paying for online news

When newspapers were sold on street corners, vendors would hold out the paper and shout the day’s headlines. The sellers enticed potential readers be giving them a bit of news and then asking them to pay for the rest.

I have my welcome screen on my laptop set to the New York Times. As a result, I find myself clicking around on the website each time I log onto my computer. The other day, I clicked on an interesting article and a pop up explained that I must pay to keep perusing the website. According to the Associated Press, almost 300 US newspapers have adopted similar policies–offering a small amount of free online news and then requiring readers to purchase an online subscription.

“We’re really looking at innovation and execution,” said Newspaper Association of America president Caroline Little.

Although individuals who have enjoyed consuming free online news may be upset with the changes, I believe it is a fair and necessary move for the journalism industry. Journalists and news organizations should be rewarded for their dedication and hard work. Paying for online news will add credibility to the stories and hopefully help the industry prosper.


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