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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I have a confession. When I first decided to major in journalism one of my greatest fears was taking this class due to my lack of experience. One of my first blog posts this semester discussed my fears of taking on a multimedia journalism class. Until this year, I was strictly a news writer. I …

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Spreading the movement

As I worked on building my own website, I spent hours perfecting and proof reading. Unlike projects for other classes, this has the opportunity to reach viewers in different states and even around the world because of the power of the Internet. In my sociology class, we are learning about movements, both present and historical. …

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Journalism in motion

When I think of the word “journalism” I immediately imagine a stack of newspapers or a computer screen displaying a text story. My multimedia journalism class has encouraged me to expand my definition immensely. Jonathon Berlin, graphics editor for the Chicago Tribune spoke to our class last week and challenged aspiring journalists to broaden our …

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Keep calm and study for finals

As a yoga instructor at the University of Missouri Recreation Complex, my job is to relax other people. However, even that job can be stressful on occasion. As the school year is winding down, many students feel the stresses of final tests and projects looming over their heads like a dark cloud. Stress can weaken …

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Students explore sustainable food options

The Women’s Center and MU Student Sustainability co-sponsored a presentation on sustainable food options today at the Women’s Center Lounge. Students sampled local food from Main Squeeze, learned about the environmental impacts of food and how to eat sustainably. “There are many ways to make small changes that greatly improve our quality of life,” said …

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Paying for online news

When newspapers were sold on street corners, vendors would hold out the paper and shout the day’s headlines. The sellers enticed potential readers be giving them a bit of news and then asking them to pay for the rest. I have my welcome screen on my laptop set to the New York Times. As a …

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