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Shortcuts to more efficient editing

I chose to major in journalism at the University of Missouri because of my writing skills and ability to put together a solid news story. This year, for the first time, my multimedia skills are being put to the test. I have always wanted to produce multimedia pieces because I love viewing videos, pictures and listening to audio stories online. While I have gotten frustrated at times, I believe it is definitely a worthwhile experience to work out of one’s comfort zone. Praying my video turned out well, I was immediately wide eyed and overwhelmed when I first opened Final Cut Pro X. In order to be a more efficient editor, I found a list of keyboard shortcuts online here- Premium Beat Blog.

Here are some of the shortcuts I found most useful:

  • Insert edit: W
  • Video only edit: Option + 2
  • Audio only edit: Option + 3
  • Go forward one frame: Right arrow
  • Go back one frame: Left arrow
  • Nudge left: , (comma)
  • Nudge right: . (period)

As someone completely new to multimedia editing, I found these shortcuts extremely helpful. With the shortcuts by my side, I didn’t have to worry about every single icon that originally caused confusion. The shortcuts helped make my editing more efficient.


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