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Top iPhone apps for students

Now that I have my iPhone, I never feel like I am alone or without anything to do. The other day, I found myself scrolling through the App store and wondered if there are any apps that could ease my stress at school. Here are some of the apps I found relative to college students.

  • Vocabolistic: Look up words or hide the definitions to quiz yourself

  • NYTimes: Keep up with current events

  • myHomework: Make homework lists, project task sheets and test schedules

  • BlackboardLearn: Access Blackboard

  • my Sticky Lite: The iPhone’s version of the Mac’s sticky note

  • iStudiezPro: An all in one app for organizing a college schedule

  • Mental Case: Make flashcards with text, photo and audio



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  1. Mimi Perreault

    There’s also an app for WordPress so you can update your blog on your photo. I learned a lot from this. I think I’m going to set up the Blackboard App on my phone.

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