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Putting a face to a name

My most recent trip to the New York Times online website left me intrigued with an article about Venezuela’s music education program. It wasn’t the topic that sparked my interest, but the way in which the reporter chose to convey his piece.

The article can be found here: Venerated High Priest and Humble Servant of Music Education

When I clicked on the video, I expected a typical short news clip or documentary style clip. However, this reported did something I personally have never seen before. In the video, the reporter speaks into the camera and explains the story instead of simply narrating. This is not a topic I would usually stick around and learn about, but the author’s method did the trick. I felt more connected with the writer and also more engaged in the piece. It is an interesting method to consider when putting together a multimedia piece.


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  1. Mimi Perreault

    This is almost like a video blog/news story. I think the fact he speaks English makes his appearance in the piece appealing. Its a very interesting story to look at Chavez and his policies and how music is Venezuela’s most interesting export. Great music too!

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