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Appreciating a journalist’s mission

Two more journalists have passed away amongst the conflict in Syria. Without their tireless effort, citizens in the United States would be unaware of this conflict. They gave their lives to deliver news to the world.

A CNN article by Frida Ghitis describes their efforts beautifully- What the world owes the slain journalists

 They gave their lives for one simple reason: to bring the world the news; to find out the truth about what is happening in Syria, so the rest of us can sit in the safety of our living rooms, reading about it in the paper, watching it on television or perusing it on our digital devices.

Every aspiring journalist and citizen who appreciates receiving news should take these words to heart.

We should be nothing but grateful. We should thank them, ask them to be safe, but we should also support their work. And tell those who demonize journalists that they don’t have an ounce of the courage of the people they pretend to disdain.

These men and women made the ultimate sacrifice. They risked their lives so that we can receive news everyday at our doorstep, every hour on our televisions and every minute on our cell phones. Both journalists and news consuming citizens should learn from and admire their efforts.


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