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NY Times Patient Voices

While clicking around the New York Times online website I stumbled upon an interested segment from their health section titled Patient Voices. I thought it would interest me because we have been studying audio recording in my multimedia journalism class.

Patient Voices features first person accounts of the struggles and rewards of coping with various health issues. While listening to patient’s voices, readers can scroll through captioned photos at their own pace. The interactive graphic also gives readers the opportunity to “join the discussion” or click on a “health issues” button to learn more about one particular sickness.


The screen looks like the following picture taken from the website. On the left, viewers can listen to several children’s firsthand accounts of dealing with cancer. On the right is a picture slideshow corresponding to the audio.

Audio can have a powerful influence on an audience. Listening to these children’s’ stories through their own voice instilled a lasting impact. The whole multimedia package kept me engaged. Simply reading their words in print would not have the same affect.



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  1. Mimi Wiggins Perreault

    Michelle, what a powerful site. It gives you a lot of information in a visual and auditory appealing way. Photos and interviews can make any information more powerful. Thanks for sharing.

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