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While social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have their advantages, they also carry many disadvantages. Sometimes they make our lives easier and more convenient, while they also make our lives more complicated. When a rumor is posted on a social media site it often spreads uncontrollably like wildfire. People of all ages are using these sites to gossip and spark untrue rumors.

Last week, many of my Kansas Jayhawk Facebook friends began updating their statuses about the “NMT” t-shirts Mizzou students were “supposedly” making for the MU KU basketball game in Columbia Feb. 4. “NMT” stands for “No Mom Tom” in reference to the death of KU basketball player Thomas Robinson’s mother. This rumor was obviously untrue so my first action after seeing their statuses was to explore other websites such as Twitter and message boards. The online rumor was spreading faster by the minute–so fast, that I couldn’t even keep up.

The t-shirt rumor began on a message board. With one click of a mouse, one individual caused hundreds of Jayhawk and Tigers fans to begin feuding via several social media sites.

The following article describes the scenario well: “NMT” Post Ignites False Twitter Controversy

Like most rumors started on Twitter, there is little truth to these claims, even though it spread like wildfire.

Last week’s debate on the truthfulness of these claims illustrates how much power the world of social media really holds and how much it really controls our lives. Not only must we be careful of what we say, but we also must be careful of what we believe online.


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  1. Mimi Perreault

    Michelle you are a great investigator. That NMT rumor made me upset too. Thanks for sharing. Your tags and links give the blog, in the future make sure to categorize your posts. I like the NYT roll on the right too.
    Thanks, Mimi

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