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Recently, I have found myself scrolling through Twitter almost every time I pick up my phone. Who knew reading segments of 160 characters could be so interesting and entertaining! I enjoy reading about what my friends are up to, following the latest news and sports updates, fun facts and funny jokes. When I was told we would be Tweeting for my journalism class it caused me to stop and think—why is Twitter taking over? Why is it so special and what does it have to do with my multimedia journalism class? I scrolled through my Twitter feed after class and paid special attention to the news sites I follow. Anything I would ever need to know about the latest world news could be reached instantly and held in the palm of my hand.

Last November, the International Center for Journalists published the following article: New York Times Twitter followers now more than double the number of print readers.

The New York Times just sent a shout out over Twitter announcing it has reached four million followers.

Those that follow the New York Times on Twitter vastly outnumber those to subscribe to the print publication. Twitter has forever changed the journalism world. In my multimedia journalism class this semester, I hope to pay particular attention to how I use Twitter as both a news consumer and as a producer of the news as it continues to dominate news outlets.


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